Investigating a Woke & Weaponized Government: A Church-style Committee

The Problem:

Federal agencies have a long and sordid history of illegally targeting American citizens to gain political advantage. Government agencies like (but not limited to) the FBI, DHS, and DOJ are actively working to silence and suppress citizens who subscribe to ideas that differ from the regimes’. Americans are being targeted for their political affiliations, viewpoints, and their religious, philosophical, and medical beliefs.

Federal Agencies are complicit in:

  • Silencing dissenting voices
  • Aggressively suppressing alternative and dissenting media outlets
  • Intimidating concerned parents
  • Using government power to pursue politically inspired prosecutions and violating due process
  • Harassing political opponents, including “swatting” Members of Congress and raiding the homes of those Americans identified as targets
  • Using taxpayer dollars to achieve a partisan impact on elections
  • Lying to courts to attain search warrants
  • Purging employees on a partisan basis
  • Infusing an overtly racist and sexist agenda into mandated employment trainings and hiring processes
  • Pressuring corporate entities to not do business with partisan opponents

The Solution:

Americans deserve a thorough investigation into woke & weaponized federal agencies to determine the totality of the problem, recommend a complete set of reforms to protect Americans, and refer for prosecution all offending officials and agents who are determined to have violated the law. To that end, we call on Members of Congress to assemble a stand-alone committee with broad investigative powers focused on woke and weaponized agencies and personnel within the federal government. 


This proposed path has precedence. In 1975, Senator Frank Church formed an independent committee, the Church Committee, in response to domestic intelligence agencies and their abuses on the American public. Their discoveries testified to widespread and illegal targeting of Americans that included surveillance, harassment, and harm. 

While the standard committee structure is able to investigate certain aspects of this problem, there remain key shortcomings that would prove fatal to the overall mission of identifying and stopping woke and weaponized government. A modern Church-style committee is the only congressional investigative vehicle which can overcome these hurdles and ensure the problem is properly investigated and accountability follows.

A Church-style committee would have:

  • The ability to declassify materials
  • Jurisdiction over every agency
  • Full resources and staffing for the kind of robust investigation necessary to idenity offending parties

Whereas many standalone committees tend to act as a pressure relief valve to make constituents feel that their concerns are being addressed, but often without actually fixing the problems, a Church-style committee would have a mandate to propose and fight for the solutions they identify and the corruption and abuse they uncover. Members of Congress have a duty to uphold and protect the liberties granted to all Americans, and to conduct proper oversight of the institutions granted power in our system. An independent Church-style committee is our best foot forward to holding our government accountable. Further, all Americans must insist that Members of Congress proceed forward in this manner. Without a Church-style committee, Members of Congress do not have the bandwidth, manpower, expertise, or resources necessary to conduct an open and comprehensive investigation. 

A Church-style committee is necessary to investigate and expose the scope of corruption and abuses within federal agencies.


Align with Members of Congress and communicate the urgency of re-establishing a Church-style Committee to expose, sever, dismantle, defund, reform, or prosecute the egregious government abuses happening through the weaponization of the “3-letter Agencies,” using taxpayer dollars to fund the targeting of political opponents.


  • Understand the nature of a Church-style committee
  • Contact your Members of Congress and ask they call for a Church-style committee 
  • Educate grassroots activists, encouraging them to contact their Members of Congress, write op-ed pieces, post on social media, and inform the masses that the new Congress must form a Church-style committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal agencies
  • Work within statewide activist networks to coordinate efforts to ensure all members of Congress are being notified


Get Involved

Citizens for Renewing America will bring our research to key movement fights that need to be picked. Join us!

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