Policy Issues

Ending Endless Wars

Over the last several decades, the United States has abandoned a principled, clear-headed approach of realism and restraint to interventionism. This capitulation has led to unnecessary wars, squandered trillions of dollars, and unleashed the emotional scarring of nonstop war on our warfighting communities and allies who no longer invest in their own security.

When President Trump took office, that foreign policy methodology changed as his administration unwound our entanglements, most notably in Afghanistan. While the Biden Administration has continued the drawdown in Afghanistan, it otherwise haphazardly engages in a foreign policy based on a bipartisan consensus that ignores our interests, projects weakness to our adversaries, and speaks loudly on issues where the country lacks a stick.

One thing is clear: our foreign policy consensus cannot continue as it stands now, and a change to the status quo becomes increasingly vital as our adversaries and threats evolve.

Citizens for Renewing America exists to further and sustain an America First agenda: one which prioritizes our interests, develops strategies to combat foreign adversaries, and leads with clarity of purpose and strength.


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