Policy Issues

Election Integrity

Americans are becoming increasingly distrustful of our elections. A broad-based study following the 2020 elections shows that nearly 4 in 10 registered voters of all political stripes believe that it was neither free nor fair.

The sanctity of the ballot box is under a full-fledged assault by an entrenched political class in Washington hellbent on undermining the agency of its own citizens in service of perpetual power.

A once-in-a-century pandemic from the Chinese coronavirus saw an explosion in vote-by-mail efforts, which provided the perfect opportunity for political elites to attempt to solidify methods likely to lead to an increase in voter fraud and in turn, benefit their long-term political prospects.

Congressional legislation such as the deceptively-dubbed “For the People Act” attempts to permanently strip states of their sovereignty to regulate elections, mandate ballot-harvesting, create easy avenues for non-citizens to vote, and make voter fraud a permanent feature of elections among many other dangerous provisions.

States must be empowered to pass common-sense voter ID and election integrity policies free from federal interference. Citizens must have the power to determine how they are represented. And voters must have the faith that their vote is capable of effecting change lest the republic and our federalist system enter a freefall of no-confidence from which it may never return.

Citizens for Renewing America is committed to protecting the integrity of our elections, upholding the dignity of the vote, and fighting every effort to undermine the representation our constitutional republic guarantees to its citizens.


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