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Big Tech

Big Tech companies have risen to the top of the corporate and political power hierarchy in ways unimagined by previous generations. As an example, the market cap of Apple currently stands at just under $2 trillion, a figure which would have made it the 9th largest GDP on earth in 2019 if the company were a country.

The dominance of technology in so much of our personal and professional lives has simultaneously made dispersed human knowledge accessible at our fingertips, while also consolidating the influence of the very entities that control the essential platforms that make Internet-connected commerce and life function.

This, combined with the preponderance of radical woke ideology adherents at Big Tech companies, has ensured the transformation of these monopolistic tech juggernauts into political cudgels that wield the power of nation-states in service to a radical authoritarian worldview. 

Whether it is using outdated Section 230 language to receive the liability protection of a platform while behaving as a publisher to censor views outside their woke orthodoxy, colluding alongside fellow Big Tech companies to shut down potential competitors before they can challenge market share, policing the speech of users in ways contrary to both constitutional principles and natural law, cozying up to communist China, or facilitating the revolving-door cronyism between corporate America and Washington’s entrenched political class, the Big Tech threat to the American experiment has only just begun.

Ultimately, such power in service of such immoral ends is wholly incompatible with the American conception of freedom and liberty. It is long past time for the political class to accept that truth.

Citizens for Renewing America understands that the iron grip of the Big Tech oligarchy must be loosened–and if necessary, shattered–to ensure the American idea lives on for future generations.


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